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Get Senior's Cookbook Here!

Throughout his life, our dad—known to most folks in Old Forge simply as "Senior," the guy behind most of our recipes—kept a notebook of handwritten stories from his many years as a bookie in the '70s and '80s. In it he recalled meeting with mob bosses, dealing with collections, and how to work the odds on the Vegas casinos. He always said he wanted these stories, and the recipes that go with them (seems the mobsters were always eating) to become a small book called "Wise Guys Love to Cook." A few months before he passed away in 2016, we put a draft of the book together for him to see. Now it's available for sale at the cafe or you can buy it on Amazon right here!

Full of unique stories and some of our favorite recipes—including veal Marsala, linguini with clam sauce, shrimp scampi, and even Grandma Rinaldi's "Three-Trick Marinara" served every night here in the cafe—the book is a tribute to Senior, a guy like no other.

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